Tears Must Flow

This Thanksgiving I was with my girlfriend’s family. Turkey was served. I held back tears for a little and finished my food. But I couldn’t hold them back very long. I ended up going down to the basement to cry. I cried off and on for over an hour. My girlfriend held me. Eventually, we went back upstairs but my mood never really improved. My girlfriend’s mom was hurt. I just cannot do this anymore. I told myself I would get through thanksgiving for my girlfriend’s sake but I just couldn’t stop crying.

In California, I met several birds who had been rescued from farms. These birds grew up in truly hellish conditions. Most chickens live in crowded amonia filled sheds. Here is a very short, very grisly video of the conditions on factory turkey farms. They never, or almost, never got to enjoy feeling safe in the sun. All of the birds I met were rescued because they were in especially terrible shape, even by the standard of birds trapped on factory farms. Despite what they endured they seemed to enjoy many parts of their lives. Several birds seemed actively consistently happy. People, including non-human people, can recover from a lot even if their scars never fully heal. 

It is just so sad to see the body of a bird and think: 

There was still time to say we were sorry. There was probably still time to give you a decent life. A life where you could have felt happy and safe at least some of the time. Maybe in a different world we could have sat in the sun together. We could have been friends. I had a miserable childhood but I eventually got to lead a real life. But instead of apologizing and making amends we killed you. Now you will never get to experience the life you deserved. I am so sorry…

Tears must flow.

Several activists I know have taken the liberation pledge. The pledge is pretty simple. 

one | Publicly refuse to eat animals – live vegan.
two | Publicly refuse to sit where animals are being eaten.
three | Encourage others to take the pledge.

I don’t really believe in taking pledges and try to avoid promises if I can. I trust my future self. But right now I am in compliance with the pledge and expect I will be in the future. Pledge takers commonly wear a bracelet made from a bent fork. Its time to bend a fork. 

Author: deluks917

"Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me" I am trying to help animals and increase the odds of a good future. Stereotypical nerdy transgirl. Right now interested in crypto.

2 thoughts on “Tears Must Flow”

    1. That was my first question too! I asked around including on the facebook group. The pledge is intended to be interpretable in any good fiath way by the taker. But almost everyone seemed to think eating at restaurants is fine as long as your table is all ordering vegan.


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