Please Save Us

Last night I prayed for the first time in over a decade. I don’t think God is very likely to exist. But I cried and begged for help. There are so many earthlings suffering terribly. Pigs are being steamed to death or kept in cages their whole lives. Humans are kept in solitary confinement. Animals in the wild are being eaten alive. The possibility of electronic lifeforms means the future might be even worse. Humanity has used its current power to build hell on earth and torture tens of billions of land animals. What will future humans use their greater powers to do?

But even if humanity comes to its senses wild animals will still be suffering massively. Some people think we should destroy most of the biosphere. But our brothers and sisters in the wild are earthlings too. They have the same right to live that we do.

It all feels like a bad LSD trip. Personal identity is ultimately an illusion. The fact that the suffering isn’t happening to ‘me’ doesn’t make it any less real. There is no escape without truly radical change. All we can do is hope and work for a better future. But I don’t know if I can believe that compassion will win in the end. I don’t know how much hope I have left for a good future.

God, if you are out there, please save your children. I don’t know if we can save ourselves. Our nature is to be cruel to one another. Please save us. Please.


Author: deluks917

A singer is someone who tries to be good. Currently living in North Oakland.

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