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Why Are The Prices So Damn High by Sarah Constantin – ‘Ever-increasing healthcare, education, and housing costs are a big problem. It would be “good news” if we could solve the problem by passing or repealing a law. It would also be “good news” if the high costs were driven by foolish waste — then a competitor could just remove the waste and offer consumers lower prices. Tabarrok’s analysis suggests this isn’t the case. The cost increases are coming from lots of skilled professional labor — something that isn’t obviously a thing you can get rid of without making people unhappy!’


On The Educational Gender Equality Paradox by Artir – ‘Gender equality is associated with both more women in university, and less women choosing STEM vs non STEM. The net effect is less robust, and so the correlation equality->% women in STEM is weaker. As for the causal association between equality and relative preference for STEM and non STEM, Stoet-Geary’s favored explanation, one appealing to economic incentives, and driven by economic development and the rise of the welfare state seems true as far as I’ve been able to find..’

Quality Contribution Roundup by r/the_motte – Quality Contribution Roundup

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