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Impressions Of China by Peter Turchin – Impressions from a trip to China fifteen years since the author’s last trip. Material progress has been amazing and the population trusts the government. However China is a police state even if the machinery of oppression is not too overt.

The Dsm Iv Believed Women Didn’t Have Paraphilias by Ozy – As recently as 2000 mainstream psychology thought kinks besides submission were almost nonexistent in women. the internet has changed this.


Debunking Skepticism by Mike Huemer – ‘Debunking skeptics (that is, those skeptics who seek to debunk our beliefs) argue that second-order reflection ought to convince us that our ordinary (e.g.) moral judgment faculties are unreliable. Once we realize this, the skeptics argue, we should set aside the beliefs that issue from those faculties, however plausible they might have seemed. Following the same logic, we can engage in higher-order reflection on the way in which we arrive at skeptical philosophical beliefs, including reflection on whether the reasoning of philosophers is afflicted with a bias. If it independently seems likely that philosophical reasoning is affected by a skeptical bias, then we should not simply evaluate skepticism by directly assessing the skeptics’ arguments; we should set aside those arguments because they are probably unreliable. The effect of this is to return us to the state we were in before we encountered skeptical arguments–that is, for most, a return to common sense morality.’

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A singer is someone who tries to be good. Currently living in North Oakland.

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