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Update To Partial Retraction Of Animal Value And Neuron Number by Scott Alexander – Scott’s published a study on how people rate the moral value of animals. A replication got different results. Scott shows the difference mostly comes down to a small change in methodology.

Little Known Types Of Eclipse by Scott Alexander – Humor about eclipses.


Dishonest Updating by Zvi Moshowitz – Rapidly updating your beliefs can look worse than sticking to your previous beliefs or updating slowly. How can we solve the problem of people dishonestly updating too slowly?


Alignment Newsletter 55 by Rohin Shah – Weekly AI Alignment newsletter. Highlight review: ‘Standards for AI Governance: International Standards to Enable Global Coordination in AI Research & Development’

Politics and Economics:

NBER Roundup by TrannyPornO – Weekly National Bureau of Economics Research roundup.

April Newsletter by Gwern – April Gwern newsletter: Genetics, AI, Technology, Economics, Fiction, etc

Bounty Hunter Blackmail by Robin Hanson – Thoughts on a legal system based on bounty hunters and fines.

Should Effective Altruism Be At War With North Korea by Ben Hoffman – there is a theory that a stronger AI should partially merge its utility function with a weaker AI in exchange for cooperation. Similarly the prevailing liberal order should perhaps offer some concessions to North Korea in exchange for cooperation.

Yay Liability Insurance by Robin Hanson – Limited Liability Corporations were created to spur investment. However now we have modern liability insurance. Everyone should be required to buy insurance or face uncapped liability.

Freedom Isn’t Free by Robin Hanson – ‘I will suggest that we could instead switch to a much more private, open, and competitive system of criminal law enforcement. In such a system, individuals could buy the particular civil rights and liberties that they wanted. We could then work to ensure that people are free to buy these rights and liberties at prices that reflect their real costs, and that people have a minimum budget to purchase such things. Or we might just focus on a more general system of redistribution expressed in terms of money, and let each person use money to express their priorities for rights and liberties re criminal law enforcement.’


UFO Sightings by Tyler Cowen – Tyler Cowen argues we should take military UFO sightings seriously. Perhaps there is at least a 1 in 100 chance we are being visited by aliens.

Link Post For April by Ozy – Link Post: Rationality, EA, Misc.

Graysexuality by Ozy – Ozy explains graysexuality which describes people who really don’t want sex very often, but who do sometimes experience sexual attraction or sexual desire – those who experience fluidity or don’t fit cleanly into the asexual or sexual camps.


On Poverty Social Work And The Alternative by EconTalk – ‘Miller, a MacArthur genius grant recipient, argues that we have made poverty tolerable when we should be trying to make it more escapable. This is possible, he argues, if we invest in the poor and encourage them to leverage their skills and social networks. Miller emphasizes the importance of self-determination and self-respect as keys to helping the poor improve their own lives.’

Author: deluks917

"Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me" I am trying to help animals and increase the odds of a good future. Stereotypical nerdy transgirl. Right now interested in crypto.

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