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The Case For The Ea Hotel by Halffull – The EA hotel provides housing and food to EAs very cheaply. It is however in need of funding. EA definitely has a problem getting talented people into projects. Halffull discusses why the EA hotel is valuable and worth funding.


Interactive Map Of Users In The Ssc Community by Nearcyan – ‘I’ve noticed a desire for people to find like-minded individuals near them in communities like this one, so I’ve made a simple website (Tagmap) to help with that. I’d love to get any feedback if anything is broken or you have a suggestion for improvement (here or pm is fine). Maps can be quickly created by any user, so feel free to use this for any other communities as well. Looking at adding some meetup-related functionality in the future as well.’

Links 26: Gdp Nihilism by Artir – Link post: Mis-measuring GDP, statistical significance, Google underpays men?, better jet engines, etc.

Newsletter by Gwern – Monthly newsletter: Genetics, AI, Psychology, Technology, Art.

Politics and Economics:

Examining MMT Model In Detail by Noah Smith – ‘What is MMT, the heterodox economic theory that has captivated Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, made its way into the Green New Deal discussion, and inspired dozens of thinkpieces and critiques? What does it say? How can we tell if it’s a good theory or a bad one?’

Explaining Sex Rate Changes by Robin Hanson – How can we explain that ‘polls say 28% of US men age 18-30 report not having sex in the last year, almost 3 times as many as a decade ago. Women that age show a much smaller increase, and other ages don’t show noticeable changes’.

Champions Show War Ability by Robin Hanson – Why are high stakes sports game so enticing. Froma statistical point of view it does not make sense to weight championship games so heavily.


Charter Cities by 80,000 Hours – ‘What made China’s ‘special economic zones’ so successful? What are the biggest challenges in getting new cities off the ground? What are the top criticisms of charter cities, and why aren’t they worried? Who do they need to talk to to make charter cities happen? How does their idea fit into the broader story of governance innovation? Should people care about this idea if they aren’t focussed on tackling poverty? Why aren’t people already doing this? Why does Tamara support more people starting families?’

On Medical Nihilism by EconTalk – ‘Stegenga argues that many medical treatments either fail to achieve their intended goals or achieve those goals with many negative side effects. Stegenga argues that the approval process for pharmaceuticals, for example, exaggerates benefits and underestimates costs. He criticizes the FDA approval process for approving too many drugs that are not sufficiently helpful relative to their side effects. Stegenga argues for a more realistic understanding of what medical practice can and cannot achieve.’

Author: deluks917

"Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me" I am trying to help animals and increase the odds of a good future. Stereotypical nerdy transgirl. Right now interested in crypto.

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