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Rule Genius In Not Out by Scott Alexander – Thinkers who have original high quality ideas are extremely valuable, even if many of their other ideas are wrong. Don’t discredit thinkers for having crazily wrong ideas. Almost all historical geniuses believed some really dumb things.


The Tale Of Alice Almost: Strategies For Dealing With Pretty Good People by Sarah Constantin – ‘Suppose you value some virtue V and you want to encourage people to be better at it. Suppose also you are something of a “thought leader” or “public intellectual” — you have some ability to influence the culture around you through speech or writing. Suppose Alice Almost is much more V-virtuous than the average person — say, she’s in the top one percent of the population at the practice of V. But she’s still exhibited some clear-cut failures of V. She’s almost V-virtuous, but not quite. How should you engage with Alice in discourse, and how should you talk about Alice, if your goal is to get people to be more V-virtuous? Well, it depends on what your specific goal is.’


It’s Really Really Hard to Get an EA Job by EA applicant – ‘A German EA posted his resume and a record of the 20 EA positions he was rejected from. His resume is very good. He finished at the top of his medical school. He got several awards. He had many publications during his medical doctorate. If you are less talented than this guy than you are likely to have a very hard time getting an EA job. I should note EA does not seem particularly credentials. You can look at who GiveWell hires and its not like everyone went to Oxford: https://www.givewell.org/about/people. But if you apply for an EA job you are going to be competing with very talented people. Even worse many of these applications took a ton of time (10+ hours).’


Sam Altman by Conversations With Tyler – ‘Founders aren’t superheroes, says Sam Altman.They may play extreme sports, respond to emails within seconds, and start billion-dollar companies, but they are rarely the product of extraordinary circumstance. In fact, they tend to be solidly upper-middle class, reasonably smart, and with loving parents. So would Sam fund Peter Parker? What about Bruce Wayne? Tyler and Sam discuss these burning questions and more, including what’s wrong with San Francisco, Napoleon’s underrated skill, nuclear energy, the greatest invention of the Industrial Revolution, his rant against coworking spaces, UBI and AGI, risk and regret, optimism and beauty, and why venture capitalists don’t have superpowers either.’

Kelsey Piper: Important Advocacy In Journalism by 80,000 Hours – Kelsey Piper / The Unit of Caring is a longterm rationalist/EA blogger. Recently she was hired to work as a journalist for Vox. Topics include Tetlock style forecasting, writing short articles and talking about AI-risk.

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"Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me" I am trying to help animals and increase the odds of a good future. Stereotypical nerdy transgirl. Right now interested in crypto.

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