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My Plagiarism by Scott Alexander – Scott plagiarized Miss Manners? What does this imply about originality.


Predictable Identities by Jacob Falkovich – Jacob is writing a very long series of very short posts on Ribbonfarm. You can follow hsi writing there, I am not going to link each individual mini-post.

Politics and Economics:

Book Review Revolt Of Public by Noah Smith – ‘This book brings together a startling number of important threads of contemporary politics, geopolitics, public affairs, and media, and weaves them into a coherent, comprehensible, and very plausible narrative. And it does so far better than any other book, blog post, or Twitter thread that I have seen attempt to deal with these issues (including my own modest foray). So buy this book and read it. The basic thesis of the book is that social media has empowered the public, and that the public is using its newfound power to attack – but not to replace – the dominant institutions of society. Citing examples from the Arab Spring revolutions to the Indignado protests of Spain to Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party, Gurri pegs 2011 as the year where the new paradigm of viral, explosive discontent first asserted itself.’

Final Set Of Quality Contributions For r/SSC by r/TheMotte – Culture war quality contribution roundup.

Kiss The Right Ring by The Grey Tribe – ‘TL;DR: Anti-SJWs have been drifting to the right in terms of signalling, which has allowed mainstream commentators to drift to the centre on concrete issues without being branded as right-wing, as long as they keep on left-wing tribal signalling. Everybody is painfully aware of the discourse and call-out culture.’

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A singer is someone who tries to be good. Currently living in North Oakland.

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