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Ho Ho Hopen Thread by Scott Alexander – SSC public open thread. Scott is going to enforce the ‘necessary’ rule more strictly and banned six people. Comment thread of the week is about ‘rods from gods’ as a replacement for nuclear weapons.


Why Mommy Warring by Ozy – Parenting is a huge responsibility and from the outside view it makes sense to be worried. Many people think they and their friends are good parents. But their parents and their friend’s parents often unknowingly made huge mistakes.


Alignment Newsletter 37 by Rohin Shah – Weekly AI newsletter. Featured reviews: Wei Dai’s articles on problems learning from humans, How to prevent AI’s from taking our ‘silly rules’ (ex: dress codes) too seriously.

Politics and Economics:

Metoo In A Star Is Born by Robin Hanson – The popularity of ‘A Star is Born’ seems to conflict with the popularity of the #MeToo movement.


John Horgan On Mind Body Problems by EconTalk – ‘Horgan interviewed an array of scientists, philosophers, and others who have worked on consciousness, free-will, and what it means to be human. Horgan argues that no single solution to the problems in these areas is likely to be established by science and that our perspective on these questions is inevitably colored by our personal experiences rather than by scientific evidence. Horgan concludes by making the case for personal and intellectual freedom and the need to embrace subjective interpretations of mind-body issues in ways that bring meaning to our lives.’

Inverse Reinforcement Learning And The State Of AI Alignment With Rohin Shah by The Future of Life Institute – An interview with Rohin Shah about reinforcement learning. Topics: The role of systematic bias in IRL, The metaphilosophical issues of IRL, IRL’s place in preference learning, Rohin’s take on the state of AI alignment, What Rohin has changed his mind about?

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A singer is someone who tries to be good. Currently living in North Oakland.

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