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Good Samaritans In Experiments by Bucky – A hilarious fisking of the ‘good samaritan’ study that ‘showed showed that seminary students who had just prepared to give a talk about the Good Samaritan were no more likely to help someone in need than those who had been preparing a talk about an unrelated topic’. The statistical methodology in the paper is incredibly bad.

Worth Keeping by Katja Grace – ‘When a friend fails, do you move toward them—to hold them, talk to them, pick them up at your own expense—or do you edge away?’ Katya discusses the economics of this question.


Alphazero by DeepMind – Deepmind releases more details and the of alphazero. In particular they played a rematch with an updated stockfish and convincingly won. They also release data on AZ Shogi and AZ Go.


Taking Someone Aside by Jeff Kaufman – Jeff organizes dances and sometimes need to talk to people who are breaking the rules. Jeff gives advice for taking people aside when you are need them to change their behavior but are not ready to ban them.


Conquering Hate by Waking Up with Sam Harris – ‘Sam Harris speaks with Deeyah Khan about her groundbreaking films “Jihad” and “White Right.” They discuss her history as a target of religious intolerance, her adventures with neo-Nazis and other white supremacists, the similarities between extremist groups, the dangers of political correctness, and other topics.’

Author: deluks917

A singer is someone who tries to be good. Currently living in North Oakland.

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