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Peanut Butter by Jacob Falkovich – Part Two of the conversation with deluks917: ‘We talk about materialism, Buddhism, how to deal with the inevitable suffering that comes from attachment, and how peanut butter ties everything together. I have a lot of thoughts on all of the above! You can follow the links to my follow-ups from each question, or just read through the interview and get to my thoughts at the bottom.’

Open Policy Evaluation by Robin Hanson – Can we make public policy more open and less elitist: ‘So I propose that we consider creating an open process for submitting policy proposals to be evaluated, in the hope of gaining some level of endorsement and perhaps further action. This process won’t judge your submission on wit, popularity, impressiveness, or analytical rigor. Their key question is: is this promising as a policy proposal to actually adopt, for the purpose of making a better world? If they endorse your proposal, then other actors can use that as a quality signal regarding what policy proposals to consider.’

Author: deluks917

Software Engineer in New York City. Admin of the SlateStarcodex discord. Math PHD drop out.

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