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Anxiety Sampler Kits by Scott Alexander – “Some friends and I made thirty of these Anxiety Sampler Kits, containing six common supplements with some level of scientific and anecdotal evidence for treating anxiety (thanks to Patreon donors for helping fund this). The 21 boxes include three nonconsecutive boxes of each supplement, plus three boxes of placebos. They’re randomly arranged and designed so that you can’t tell which ones are which – I even put some of the supplements into different colored capsules, so you can’t even be sure that two capsules that look different aren’t the same thing. Each box contains enough supplement for one dose, and all supplements are supposed to work within an hour or so. Whenever you feel anxious, you try the first non-empty box remaining. ”


The Valley Of Bad Theory by johnswentworth – Researchers set up a wheel on a ramp with adjustable weights. Participants in the experiment then adjust the weights to try and make the wheel roll down the ramp as quickly as possible. The participants go one after the other, each with a limited number of attempts, each passing their data and/or theories to the next person in line, with the goal of maximizing the speed at the end. Performance increased over time but participants did not improve in how well they could predict which configurations would performa best. In addition some chains based on both data and theory where as other only passed on data. The ‘data only’ chains did better!

Additional Arguments For Nimby by Zvi Moshowitz – Long and kinda ramble-y but a good list of reasons why its bad to build more housing in San Fransisco. Core to Zvi’s arguments are a presumption that much of the value of San Fransisco is a status good and that people leaving their current communities is usually quite bad.

Politics and Economics:

CW roundup by r/SSC – Weekly Culture War quality contribution roundup

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