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Steelmanning The Nimbys by Scott Alexander – Scott argues that building more housing will not actually reduce rents in San Fransisco. In fact more housing could increase rents because of amalgamation effects.

Highlights From The Comments On Nimbys by Scott Alexander – Scott quotes and responds to select quotes from his NIMBYism article.

Nighttime Ventilation Survey Results by Scott Alexander – Scott ran a ‘study’ where he encouraged people to try ventilating their room to reduce Co2. A minority of people reported big improvements. But overall Scott found the results disappointing.

Next Door In Nodrumia by Scott Alexander – Scott meditates on archipelago and what counts as public vs private.


Challenge Coins by Robin Hanson – If you want to truly test your security you need to allow people to attempt ‘mock assassinations’. Not everyone should have this right but you should sell ‘challenge coins’ that allow people to attempt to get close to you and claim a large prize. The same principle applies in other domains.

Career Review: Academic Research by 80,000 Hours – “Entry requirements and what it takes to excel. What are your chances of success? How to maximise your impact within academia. How to assess your personal fit at each stage of your career. Which field are best to enter? How to establish your career early on, and trade-off impact against career advancement. Review of the pros and cons of the path.”


Fasting Mimicking Diet Looks Pretty Good by Sarah Constantin – Fasting five days a month is probably the minimal intervention shown to cause life extension.

Quick Look At Progress In Nuclear Energy by Artir – “In sum, the case of nuclear is a clear case of institutional factors at play in how an innovation plays out over time. There is even a paper that has argued that the whole landscape of nuclear energy looks the way it does because of institutional reasons (military secrecy and subsidies) that locked-in a particular design family (PWR and BWR). Furthermore, organizational changes and tweaks to existing infrastructure have been able to squeeze almost 2x the power out of the same reactors by increasing the capacity factor.”

Politics and Economics:

CW Roundup by (r/SSC) – Weekly culture war quality contribution roundup.


Paul Christiano AI Alignment Solutions by 80,000 Hours – “Dr Paul Christiano on how OpenAI is developing real solutions to the ‘AI alignment problem’, and his vision of how humanity will progressively hand over decision-making to AI systems”

Noah Smith On Worker Compensation Co-Determination And Market Power by EconTalk – “Corporate control, wages, and monopoly power. Smith discusses the costs and benefits of co-determination–the idea of putting workers on corporate boards. The conversation then moves to a lively discussion of wages and monopoly power and how the American worker has been doing in recent years.”

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"Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me" I am trying to help animals and increase the odds of a good future. Stereotypical nerdy transgirl. Right now interested in crypto.

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