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ACC Entry: Does The Education System Adequately Serve Advanced Students by Scott Alexander – Good discussion of how tracking works very well and many students benefit from skipping grades. However the authors also discuss how the education system has civic and democratic goals in addition to maximizing student learning, these goals can explain opposition to tracking. The authors also discuss the practicalities of dealing with the school system.

ACC Entry: Are Islam And Liberal Democracy Compatible by Scott Alexander – The authors look at the empirical record of democracy in six Islamic nations: United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Iran, and Lebanon.

ACC Entry: Should Childhood Vaccination Be Mandatory by Scott Alexander – Adversarial collaboration on whether mandatory vaccination is an unacceptable infringement on individual liberty.


The Scent Of Bad Psychology by Jacob Falkovich – Its not hard to determine which studies will replicate. Jacob gives a variety of simple rules to predict which studies are unreliable.


Convincing Politicians to Adopt Evidence Based Policy by zdgroff – Practical advice for getting politicians to adopt evidence based policy, as described by someone who studied this professionally: Happily, evidence does seem to affect policy, but in a diffuse and indirect way, Interestingly, a few methods to promote evidence-based practices that policymakers and researchers often promote do not have much support in the literature, There is surprisingly and disappointingly little research on policymakers’ cognition and judgment in general, a list of top interventions in health care, education, and government.

The Ethics Of Giving Part Four by kbog – Another Chapter review from ‘The Ethics of Giving’: “Ashford’s chapter starts by examining the divide between charity as a matter of beneficence and the alternative conception of justice. In deontological ethics, beneficence is our requirement to be altruistic and generous, placing value in other people’s interests. Justice is our requirement to ensure that people’s rights are not violated, and to make compensation where appropriate. She treats EA’s welfare consequentialism as pushing beneficence, and attempts to show why justice is more appropriate for both conceptual and practical reasons.”

Politics and Economics:

Commitments Explain Gaps by Robin Hanson – “We need something else to explain why people are so reluctant to allow movement between nations, relative to movement within nations. And my best guess is that the answer here is another kind of commitment: people feel that they have committed to allowing movement within nations, even if that causes problems, and have committed to being suspicious of movement between nations, even if that makes them lose out on opportunities. That is part of what it means to have committed themselves to by joining a nation.”


Dancing Vs Dancing by Aella – “There are actually two types of dance music. Type 1 music tends to be repetitive, with low variation and high attention to texture/layers, with emphasis on beat. It’s played for the purpose of inducing trance states, and for strong social cohesion. Type 2 music tends to have high variation, with higher emphasis on melody and emotion. This is the type of music often used for dance performances.”


Elon Musk by the Joe Rogan Experience – Trying to convince top politicians of AI risk, AI’s connection to the human limbic system, why Elon is fatalistic about AI, Elon’s idea for an electric jet, human computer communication bandwidth, neuralink, the logic of drilling tunnels, chimps, why Elon believes in the simulation hypothesis and other topics. Elon is rather ungaurded during the interview and his deep concerns about AI and climate change really come through.

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"Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me" I am trying to help animals and increase the odds of a good future. Stereotypical nerdy transgirl. Right now interested in crypto.

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