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Bay Area SSC Meetup by Scott Alexander – Reminder: SSC Meetup this Saturday in Berkeley.

Adversarial Collaboration Entries by Scott Alexander – Adversarial Collaboration results will be posted this week: Does the current US education system adequately serve advanced students?, Is Islam compatible with liberal democracy?, Should childhood vaccination be mandatory?, Should children who identify as transgender start transitioning?


Shared Environment Effects Are Real by Ozy – Arguments that parenting has longterm effects: Its hard for studies to pick up on small effects, various things are known to cause longterm impairment (ex lead) and exposure to these must be correlated between siblings, peer effects exist and a child’s peers are correlated with his siblings and depend on parental choices to some extent, studies showing no effect of parenting have a biased sample.


Alignment Newsletter 22 by rohinmshah – Weekly AI newsletter. Longer reviews this week focus on theoretical progress in AI alignment.

Politics and Economics:

The Coming Hypocralypse by Robin Hanson – Technology for automatically reading people’s emotions will only improve over time and will become common in the coming decades. Much social behavior is hypocritical. Our norms evolved in a world where people could hide their feelings and will become maladaptive. However these norms tend to be sticky. Hanson discusses workplace hierarchy, sexual harassment and racism.

The Crumbling Public Private Distinction by Artir – Which entities should be considered ‘public’ and what does doing so entail: “What sort of restrictions does the publicness derived from impact impose? These comes to mind: Easy to leave or join, Resolution of coordination problems, by force if needed, Long term obligations if present are not too long term, A degree of public orientation, Wrongness of imposing restrictions unrelated to coordination problems.”


Diana Fleischman On Being A Transhumanist Evolutionar by Rationally Speaking – “Diana Fleischman makes the case for transhumanist evolutionary psychology: understanding our evolved drives, so that we can better overcome them. Diana and Julia discuss sexual preferences, jealousy, and other drives — how immutable are they? How do we know? And how would it change society, if we could change the distribution of people we find attractive, or normalize new relationship structures such as polyamory?”

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"Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me" I am trying to help animals and increase the odds of a good future. Stereotypical nerdy transgirl. Right now interested in crypto.

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