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URLin Wall by Scott Alexander – Standard SSC links thread. Some topics: Piketty Review, Elon’s 420 tweet, Noah Smith on building fishbowl housing, Why you should quit your job.

Bullshit Jobs: Part 1 Of ∞ by Scott Alexander – Scott’s patients often ask him for a doctor’s note so they can get accommodations for their back pain. Scott just writes a note saying they asked him. This often works.

Bureaucracy As Active Ingredient by Scott Alexander – Arbitrary hurdles can be a useful filtering mechanism to prevent people from requesting unneeded accommodations.


My Market Board Game by Robin Hanson – How to play Robin’s murder mystery prediction market game.

Thoughts On Parenting An Infant by Ozy – The ‘If The Baby Wants It It Is Probably Good For Him’ theory of parenting.

Separate Top Down and Bottom Up by Robin Hanson – Hanson discusses top-down and bottom up processing in the context of human brain organization.


Near Term Effective Altruism Discord by Ozy – Ozy set up a discord for EAs who are not focused on the far future or Xrisk. Invites are open.


Alignment Newsletter 21 by rohinmshah – Weekly Alignment newsletter. In depth reviews include: Katja Grace’s podcast appearance on forecasting AI, Using AI to autonomously control cooling in Google’s data centers.

Technology and Tyranny by Yuval Noah Harari – Human irrelevance, power shifting toward central planners, total surveillance and the primacy of controlling data.


You Play To Win The Game by Zvi Moshowitz – If you play a game the goal is to win. If you don’t think winning matters retire. What happens when the points don’t matter?


Claire Lehmann: Political Correctness, Social Norms and Australian Culture by Conversations With Tyler – Quillette Founder interview: “She and Tyler explore her ideas about the stifling effect of political correctness and more, including why its dominant form may come from the political right, how higher education got screwed up, strands of thought favored by the Internet and Youtube, overrated and underrated Australian cities, Aussie blokes, and more.”

Elite Do Godders by The Ezra Klein Show – “When he mounted the stage at the Aspen Institute and told his fellow fellows that their pretensions of doing good were just that — pretensions — and that they were more the problem than the solution, it caused some controversy. Giridharadas’s new book will make a lot of people angry. It’s about the difference between generosity and justice, the problems with only looking for win-win solutions, the ways the corporate world has come to dominate the discourse of change, and the fact that elite networks change the people who are part of them. But for all the power of Giridharadas’s critique of elite do-goodery, does he have better answers to the problems they’re trying to solve?”

Digital Humanism by Waking Up with Sam Harris – “Sam Harris speaks with Jaron Lanier about the economics, politics, and psychology of our digital lives. They discuss the insidious idea that information should be free, what we should want from an advanced economy, the role of advertising, libertarianism in Silicon Valley, the problems with social media, and other topics.”

Author: deluks917

"Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me" I am trying to help animals and increase the odds of a good future. Stereotypical nerdy transgirl. Right now interested in crypto.

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