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SSC Survey: Scattered Negative Results by Scott Alexander – “The last SSC survey had a lot of optical illusions and visual riddles. I had hoped to expand on some of the work in Why Are Transgender People Immune To Optical Illusions and Can We Link Perception And Cognition? This post is a very brief summary of results and, basically, an admission of failure. While I was able to replicate the same suggestive results as in the last survey, I was unable to expand on them, strengthen them, or really turn them into any kind of interesting framework.”

The Parentheses Riddle by Scott Alexander – Scott asked which of ()() and )(() are palindromes. the strongest correlation, by far, with getting this question right was age. If you control for age, being a techy or ‘being careful’ the effect persists.


Tidying One’s Room by Zvi Moshowitz – The theory and practice for cleaning your room. Sample: Put things back where you first looked for them. If you cannot find something for a long time stop looking and instead clean the room.

Tactical Vs Strategic Cooperation by Sarah Constantin – “Purely transactional, working-for-a-paycheck, arrangements don’t really inspire excellence. You can trust strangers in competitive market systems that effectively penalize fraud, but large areas of life aren’t like that, and you actually have to have pretty broad value-alignment with people to get any benefit from cooperating. I think we’d both agree that it’s unwise (and immoral, which is kind of the same thing) to try to benefit in the short term from allying with terrible people. The question is, who counts as terrible? What sorts of lapses in rigorous thinking are just normal human fallibility and which make a person seriously untrustworthy?”

Author: deluks917

Software Engineer in New York City. Admin of the SlateStarcodex discord. Math PHD drop out.

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