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Before You Get Too Excited About That Trigger Warning Study by Scott Alexander – Scott critiques a study that claims trigger warnings are harmful.


Sanctimonious Econ Critics by Robin Hanson – The New York Times reviewed ‘The Elephant in the Brain’. They argue that “economists should read more novels, tell more math-less case-specific stories with lots of contingent detail, and make different ethical choices based less on theory and more on unarticulated judgements.” Hanson goes through their arguments for why one by one. Hanson thinks their true objection to economics is that economists question conventional morality.


OpenAI Five Benchmark Results by Open AI – “Yesterday, OpenAI Five won a best-of-three against a team of 99.95th percentile DOTA players: Blitz, Cap, Fogged, Merlini, and MoonMeander — four of whom have played Dota professionally — in front of a live audience and 100,000 concurrent livestream viewers. The human team won game three after the audience adversarially selected Five’s heroes. We also showed our preliminary work to introspect Five’s view of the game, including its probability of winning, which made predictions surprising to the human observers. These results show that Five is a step towards advanced AI systems which can handle the complexity and uncertainty of the real world.”

Politics and economics:

Gentrification Analogy by Ozy – Ozy tries to explain gentrification with a thought experiment about billionaires moving into your neighborhood.


Nemesis Club by Eukaryote – Colleges help you make friends. Enemies are an important and time-honored form of human relationship. Enter Nemesis club!

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