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The Power Of Letting Go: Part 1 by johnswentworth – “There’s an approach/aesthetic of design/engineering/problem-solving which I want to talk about. I’m calling it ‘just let go’ design; the general theme is that the designer/engineer/problem-solver gives up control over the details of the solution. This post is mostly a list of examples to show the breadth of the concept, ranging from Minecraft to tvtropes to price controls to mutation-assisted breeding to jurisprudence to SQL, with a baby lamb in a bag somewhere in the middle.”


Money Moved And Web Traffic In 2017 by The GiveWell Blog – Givewell moved about 149 million dollars last year. Metrics: Money moved by charity, Money moved by size of donor, Donor retention, Web Traffic.


Shaping Economic Incentives For Collaborative AGI by Kaj Sotala – How to push today’s machine learning researchers toward a more cooperative attitude.

Paul’s Research Agenda Faq by Zhukeepa – “I think Paul’s research agenda for the alignment of superintelligent AGIs presents one of the most exciting and promising approaches to AI safety. After being very confused about Paul’s agenda, chatting with others about similar confusions, and clarifying with Paul many times over, I’ve decided to write a FAQ addressing common confusions around his agenda.” [not recommended unless you know Paul’s work]

Politics and Economics:

Sexism and Racism Never Diminishes Even When Everyone Becomes Less Sexist and Racist by Marginal Revolution – Why perceptions of racism/sexism never decline: “The idea that concepts depend on their reference class isn’t new. A short basketball player is tall and a poor American is rich. One might have thought, however, that a blue dot is a blue dot. Blue can be defined by wavelength so unlike a relative concept like short or rich there is some objective reality behind blue even if the boundaries are vague. Nevertheless, in a thought-provoking new paper in Science the all-star team of Levari, Gilbert, Wilson, Sievers, Amodio and Wheatley show that what we identify as blue expands as the prevalence of blue decreases.”

Book Review: Space Between Us by Noah Smith – “A very simplified version of Enos’ basic theory goes like this: Racial conflict is exacerbated by segregation, proximity, and outgroup size. In other words, when you have a bunch of people living very close to you, but who are also kept separated from you, you start to view them as an enemy group, and you vote and behave accordingly.”


Summary Of Reading April June 2018 by Eli Bendersky – Short book reviews: Various topics including programming, the Tao-teching and CRISPR.

Tinyhouse by Mr. Money Mustache – The joys of smaller homes, communal living and building a very small house.

Noah Smith’s Japan Travel Guide by Noah Smith – A rather detailed travel guide to visiting Japan. Among other things it covers what to eat, where to stay, what locations to see and why now is a good time to visit Japan.


Y Combinator Interview by Scott Aaronson – Scott is interviewed by Y combinator: Quantum Computers, P vs NP, how to channel AI growth but not weaponize it, career advice.

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"Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me" I am trying to help animals and increase the odds of a good future. Stereotypical nerdy transgirl. Right now interested in crypto.

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