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Cost Disease In Medicine The Practical Perspective by Scott Alexander – Scott discusses the possibility of running ‘Cheap-O Psychology’ and why it probably doesn’t make sense given the current insurance system.

Contra Caplan On Arbitrary Deploring by Scott Alexander – ‘Overreacting’ to certain misbehaviors can be rational if you are trying to preserve a norm that that the behavior is unacceptable.

The Gattaca Trilogy by Scott Alexander – Scotts review of the two (non-existent) sequels to Gattaca.


Miller 3 Polyamory Mating by Jacob Falkovich – Part three of Jacob’s conversation with Geoffrey. Among the tpics discussed are getting over jealousy, safely trying to convert a mono relationship to poly and which characteristics are required to succeed in polyamory.

Problem Solving With Mazes And Crayon by johnswentworth – Great illustration of algorithmic and problem solving strategies. The author talks about breath and depth first searches, and finding bottlenecks in both mazes and real world problems. CS experience is not needed. [highly recommended]

Future Influence is Hard by Robin Hanson – At most points in history it would have been very hard to influence to far future. If you think its possible to influence the future now you need to argue why now is a very unusual time historically.


Worrying About The Vase: Whitelisting by TurnTrout – “An impact measure is a means by which change in the world may be evaluated and penalized; an impact measure is not a replacement for a utility function, but rather an additional precaution thus overlaid. I’m fairly confident that whitelisting contributes meaningfully to short- to mid-term AI safety, although I remain skeptical of its robustness to scale. Should several challenges be overcome, whitelisting may indeed be helpful for excluding swathes of unfriendly AIs from the outcome space. Furthermore, the approach allows easy shaping of agent behavior in a wide range of situations.”

First Retro Contest Retrospective by Open Ai – “The first run of our Retro Contest — exploring the development of algorithms that can generalize from previous experience — is now complete. Though many approaches were tried, top results all came from tuning or extending existing algorithms such as PPO and Rainbow. There’s a long way to go: top performance was 4,692 after training while the theoretical max is 10,000. These results provide validation that our Sonic benchmark is a good problem for the community to double down on: the winning solutions are general machine learning approaches rather than competition-specific hacks, suggesting that one can’t cheat through this problem.”


Effective Altruists Should In General Marry The Ea Sympathetic by Ozy – You are likely to have serious conflicts if you want to donate a large fraction of your income or take a very low paying job and your spouse is not an EA.

Politics and Economics:

Postmodernism Vs The Pomoid Cluster by Everything Studies – What postmodernism means why discussions around postmodernism are unproductive and why the author is still sympathetic to the people who complain about postmodernism.

What New Construction: Where and For Whom by Freddie deBoer – In defense of Nimbyism: Reasons for opposing specific building projects in Brooklyn.

Politics and Economics:

Culture War Roundup by r/ssc – Quality culture war posts from the last two weeks.


Tales From Underwater by Meredith L. Patterson (Status 451) – A fairly personal meditation on machine consciousness, paranoia and navigating the inpatient system.


Universal Basic Income by Waking Up with Sam Harris – “Sam Harris speaks with presidential candidate Andrew Yang about universal basic income. They discuss the state of the economy, the rise of automation and AI, the arguments for and against UBI, and other topics.” [Highly Recommended]

Conversation: Elisa New by Marginal Revolution – “The Harvard English professor and host of Poetry in America recently sat down with Tyler to discuss poets, poems, and more, including Walt Whitman’s city walks, Emily Dickinson’s visual art, T.S. Eliot’s privilege, Robert Frost’s radicalism, Willa Cather’s wisdom, poetry’s new platforms, the elasticity of English, the payoffs of Puritanism, and what it was like reading poetry with Shaquille O’Neal.”

Tara Mac Aulay: Operations Mindset by 80,000 Hours – “How broken is the world? How inefficient is a typical organisation? If we look at Tara Mac Aulay’s life, the answer seems to be very.”

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"Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me" I am trying to help animals and increase the odds of a good future. Stereotypical nerdy transgirl. Right now interested in crypto.

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