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Should Psychiatry Test For Lead More by Scott Alexander – Scott explains why psychiatrists don’t (and shouldn’t) test way more for issues like lead poisoning.


Decoupling Revisited by Everything Studies – The decoupling and contextualizing mindsets are explored in detail. Many interesting concepts are discussed including the primacy of ‘narrative fit’. Some facts are much easier to fit into some narratives relative to others. Loudly proclaiming such facts can be taken as supporting the narratives that integrate these facts most easily.

Welcome by Jacob Falkovich – A Beginner’s Guide to putanumonit. Jacob discusses the topics putanumonit has covered and links to many of his previous articles.

Inadequate Equilibria Vs Governance Of The Commons by Martin Sustrik – It is possible to have well managed common resources without falling into the tragedy of the commons; many communities have done it. The post explains how they succeeded and makes connections to Yudkowsky’s Inadequate equilibria.

Expressive Vocabulary by Alicorn – People have the right to gesture at concepts or use terms you have pedantic issues with. People need to communicate, don’t try to limit their vocabulary including by voicing concerns about what terms technically mean.

A Build Break Model Of Cooperation by Weft – Many social situation are better explained by modeling a neutral option in addition to cooperate/defect.


Sympathizing With AI by Paul Christiano – Under what conditions would it be morally correct to hand over the universe to an unaligned AI.


Locking Phones With Quantum Bits by Paul Christiano – A scheme for tamper proof phone encryption if you can reliably store 200 quantum bits.

Politics and Economics:

The Intelectual Dark Web by Jacob Falkovich – The Intellectual Dark Web, Conflict between decouplers and contextualizes, who are the real hypocrites and who are people’s real outgroups.

Models: A Summary by Ozy – Ozy Reviews the dating guide Models: Attracting Women with Honesty. The two rules: Be vulnerable. Don’t be needy. The three fundamentals: Having an attractive lifestyle. Knowing how to flirt. ACTUALLY ASKING PEOPLE OUT. Usefully the article contains a relatively detailed explanation of how to flirt.

There Is A War by Ben Hoffman – Society is constantly mobilized, as if its fighting a literal war. A story of how fiat currencies and perpetual mobilization came into being.

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"Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me" I am trying to help animals and increase the odds of a good future. Stereotypical nerdy transgirl. Right now interested in crypto.

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