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A Self Respect Feedback Loop by ialdabaoth – “A person can actually regulate how much self-respect they feel, and show. Other people will reward them for having more self-respect, up to a point. Then they start pushing back. BUT, each of these ‘pushbacks’ is a temporary dip in the ‘self-respect to positive feedback’ curve. You just have to have enough self-control, or willpower, or ‘grit’, or ‘spoons’, or whatever, to keep pushing through and powering more and more self-respect while people attack you for having it, until you break through into the next upswing of the curve.”

Terrorism Tylenol And Dangerous Information by Kingsley – Many obvious seeming attacks were viable for a very long time before they were executed. After their first execution many people copied them. Many attackers are cunning but unimaginative. Don’t think just because an idea seems obvious to you that it is safe to discuss openly.

Fork Science by Bayesian Investor – “I propose that scientific institutions, at least for fields that are prone to controversy, be split into institutions with these two focuses: A) adversarial science: built to produce authoritative knowledge. B) crowdsourced science: built to encourage the production and dissemination of scientific knowledge for which it has not yet been feasible to generate authoritative knowledge”

Politics and Economics:

Culture War Roundup by r/ssc – Culture War Quality contributions thread. Links to high quality subreddit posts.


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