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Varieties Of Argumentative Experience by Scott Alexander – Scott talks about what disagreement actually looks like in practice. In most cases 90%+ is either ‘meta discussion’ or social shaming. Slightly improved disagreements involve bringing up things like individual facts and studies. at a higher level people focus on surveys of the evidence and clarifying the opponent’s position. At the highest level one interacts with the ‘high level generators of disagreement’ which are usually things like dispositions or priors about how things tend to work.


My Seven Stages by Aella – Jhannas are mystical experiences you get while meditating. Aella talks about her experience of seven stages of Jhannas.

Skip Value Signals by Robin Hanson – “As writers, these respondents think that readers won’t engage their arguments for factual claims on a policy relevant topics unless shown that the author shares the values of their particular political faction. But as readers they think they need no signal of shared values to convince them to engage such an argument. If these readers and writers are the same group, then they believe themselves to be hypocritical. They uphold an ideal that value signals should not be needed, but they do not live up to this ideal.”

Introducing The Longevity Research Institute by Sarah Constantin – There are many promising compounds that could improve human longevity. However FDA trials are expensive and aging is not considered a disease. Sarah funded a non-profit that gives grants to researchers. In addition Sarah is working directly on a paper.


Land Development by EconTalk – “How did the CEO of a real estate development company become chairman of an airline? How can a competent manager learn to trust his subordinates? Joel Peterson, Chairman of the Board at JetBlue Airways and author of The 10 Laws of Trust, talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about his career at Trammell Crow and JetBlue and how the concept of trust, outlined in his book, has helped his career. He closes the conversation with a discussion of how he overcame his personal weaknesses that would have handicapped his career”

In Defense Of Honor by Waking Up with Sam Harris – “Sam Harris speaks with Tamler Sommers about cultures of honor. They discuss the difference between honor and dignity, “justice porn,” honor killings, honor and interpersonal violence, prison and gang culture, collective responsibility and collective punishment, retributive vs restorative justice, the ethics of forgiveness and redemption, #metoo, and other topics.”

Optimism About America by The Ezra Klein Show – “They came to believe that the story America is telling about itself to itself — a story of national decline, of bitter political polarization, of rural resentment and coastal elitism and tribal identity and spiritual malaise — is wrong. And so they got in their plane (yes, Jim is a pilot too), and they spent years traveling the country, trying to see it more clearly by seeing its places more precisely. It has left them with a sense of hope that feels almost alien in this age.”

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"Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me" I am trying to help animals and increase the odds of a good future. Stereotypical nerdy transgirl. Right now interested in crypto.

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