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Ot100 One Hunthread by Scott Alexander – Standard SSC open thread. Support the Bay area community center. Lesswrong has a new meetup page. Comment of the week is a summary of Civilization and Capitalism.


Dont Believe Wrong Things by Jacob Falkovich – Trading away epistemic rationality is making a Faustian bargain. If you convince yourself of false beliefs you are permanently damaging your ability to make good decisions in the future. Its unlikely that you have enough epistemic rationality to make these sort of decisions wisely.

Motivation by Robin Hanson – “Taken together, this all suggests great error in our abstract thinking about motivations. We find motivation in our own lives and in some fictional lives. And if our subconscious minds can pattern-match with enough detail of a life description, we might see it as similar enough to what we would find motivating to agree that such a life is likely motivating. But without sufficiently detailed pattern-matching, few abstract life descriptions seem motivating or meaningful to us. In the abstract, we just don’t understand why people with such lives get up in the morning, or don’t commit suicide.”


Heuristics From Running Harvard And Oxford Ea by Ales_Flidr – Concrete suggestions from the leaders of EA Oxford and EA Harvard. Examples: Default to one on one conversations, Outreach is an offer, not persuasion, Engagement is more important than wide-reach.


Liberal Democracy by The Ezra Klein Show – “Mounk argues that “liberal democracy, the unique mix of individual rights and popular rule that has long characterized most governments in North America and Western Europe, is coming apart at its seams. In its stead, we are seeing the rise of illiberal democracy, or democracy without rights, and undemocratic liberalism, or rights without democracy.”It’s an excellent book. But reading it left me wondering: Was America really such a textbook liberal democracy before?”

Author: deluks917

A singer is someone who tries to be good. Currently living in North Oakland.

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