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Inside The Monkey Trap by Bryan Caplan – “It is said you can trap a monkey by putting a nut through a small hole in a gourd. The monkey reaches in and grabs the nut, but then his fist won’t fit back through the hole. Greedy monkeys will literally let themselves be caught rather than let go of the nut.” Caplan gives three conditions for whether its reasonable to accuse someone of being stuck in a monkey trap. People who admit healthcare spending has low benefits but won’t endorse big spending cuts are stuck.

Hufflepuff Cynicism On Hypocrisy by abramdemski – Given that Akrasia exists its reasonable to give ‘hypocritical’ advice you have not followed.

Toward Micro Likes by Robin Hanson – Hanson discusses why social media is popular, why its too early to regulate and speculated on a possible future feature social media sites could implement.


The Eternal Grind by Zvi Moshowitz – Zvi reviews the digital card game Eternal.

Author: deluks917

Software Engineer in New York City. Admin of the SlateStarcodex discord. Math PHD drop out.

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