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A Developmental Framework For Rationality by lifelonglearner – “A way of looking at rationality as a set of transitioning worldviews that operate different assumptions. The short summary of progression looks like techniques → habits → introspection → feelings → multiple ontologies. Skills which appear to be at odds with one another can be seen as operating under different models of what the question of rationality is even about.”

Multiplicity Of Enlightenment States by Wei_Dai – “It seems that there are multiple different mental states that people have historically called “enlightenment”, as well as many different types of contemplative practices with different underlying cognitive mechanisms. I link to and quote from a couple of papers showing this. Given the apparent multiplicity of “enlightenment” states and contemplative practices, I’d like to request that future discussions on these topics include more detailed references or descriptions as to which states and practices are being talking about.”

Six Kinds Of Reading by Everything Studies – “Having the parts brought together in a single volume improved the structural integrity of my worldview. It made the whole edifice sturdier. The partial overlapping with ideas on many topics fixed the system in place, like how papier-maché becomes strong and rigid by layering paper strips partly on top of each other.”


Thoughts On Existential Risk by Jeff Kaufman – A quick point by point summary of Jeff’s position on X-risk. He mostly just sketches out the argument that the future will have alot of people so stakes are high. However cause prioritization is hard.


Ai Alignment Prize Round 2 Due March 31 2018 by Zvi Moshowitz – Round 1 of the AI Alignment Prize gave out 15K worth of cash prizes to its six winners. Round 2 is open until the end of March. If you are interested in writing about AI Alignment now is a good time.

Avoiding AI Races Through Self Regulation by Gordon Worley – “The first group to build artificial general intelligence or AGI stands to gain a significant strategic and market advantage over competitors, so companies, universities, militaries, and other actors have strong incentives to race to build AGI first. An AGI race would be dangerous, though, because it would prioritize capabilities over safety and increase the risk of existential catastrophe. A self-regulatory organization (SRO) for AGI may be able to change incentives to favor safety over capabilities and encourage cooperation rather than racing.”


History Of Https Usage by Jeff Kaufman – A history of how the encrypted internet protocol https was adopted. Originally https was mostly viewed as a way to implement online shopping. Now we are moving closer to a world with only https (Especially since the NSA seems to store a large fraction of all http traffic).


119 Hidden Motives by Waking Up with Sam Harris – “Sam Harris speaks with Robin Hanson about our hidden motives in everyday life. They discuss selfishness, hypocrisy, norms and meta-norms, cheating, deception, self-deception, education, the evolutionary logic of conversation, social status, signaling and counter-signaling, common knowledge, AI, and many other topics.”

Arnold Kling by EconTalk – “Kling argues that economics would be more useful if it took account of intangibles like culture, incorporated the role of financial intermediation in the economy, and modeled some of the the subtleties of the labor market–how wages are set and the role of team production.”

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"Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me" I am trying to help animals and increase the odds of a good future. Stereotypical nerdy transgirl. Right now interested in crypto.

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