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Links 2 18 Link Biao Incident by Scott Alexander – Standard SSC links post: Politics, Education, Cool Science, AI and other topics.


Bad News Boxes by Robin Hanson – “Many firms fail to pass bad news up the management chain, and suffer as a result, even though simple fixes have long been known.” If firms won’t use simple measures like a ‘bad news box’ why would they use complicated methods like internal prediction markets?

Relationships Emotional Bids And Attachment Styles by Elo – Three types of responses to emotional bids (positive, negative, silence). Four relationship attachment styles: Secure, Anxious–Preoccupied, Dismissive–Avoidant, Fearful–Avoidant.

On The Frame Drift by Lexical Doll – “Rather than opposing the Wrong belief from the outset, you can opt to start within the frame the other person is providing. Actively listen to what they’re saying, agree with them. Highlight the really solid points of what they’re saying. If you can do this smoothly without the barest hesitation, it increases resonance. Don’t even let it into your voice what you’re about to do – people can hear a but a sentence away. As you continue discussing their idea, the initial resonance gives you room to ask questions. You can use this method to get them to defeat their own belief. If you ask the right questions and have them comfortable enough to give honest answers, you’re likely to get a drift in frame”


54 Nothing Can Prepare You For Robin Hanson by The Bayesian Conspiracy – “Robin Hanson returns to talk about his new book: The Elephant In The Brain”

Holden Karnofsky Open Philanthropy by 80,000 Hours – The Founder of GiveWell and OpenPhilanthropy talks about giving away over 100 million dollars a year. Some topics: How does do autonomy fund mangers have at Open Phil, what would Holden do differently if he was starting over and why did Open Phil invest in OpenAI.

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