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Is Skilled Hunting Unethical by elephantiskon (LW 2.0) – The author changes his mind about hunting. “I expect that they will nonetheless find the issues discussed in this article—wild animal welfare, movement-building, habit formation, moral uncertainty, how to set epistemic priors— both interesting and relevant to their day-to-day-lives. I also hope this article provides a useful example of how to examine an object-level belief and actually change your mind.”

Politics and Economics:

Galileo’s Middle Finger by Jacob Falkovich – Lessons about politics, activism, sex, evolution and most of all defense against the dark arts: “This is a review of Alice Dreger’s Galileo’s Middle Finger, a memoir about science and activism: when they get along and when they don’t. The review separated into three parts: a quick review of the book as a reading experience, a summary of the book’s story, and the lessons, intended and unintended, that I learned from it.”. [Discusses ‘autogynephilia’ and debates theories of trans individuals. Discuss this article with extra tact.]

In Defence Of Conflict Theory by ricraz (LW 2.0) – “Here’s my main argument against emphasising mistake theory over conflict theory: you’re only able to be a mistake theorist after the conflict theorists have done most of the hard work. Even if the lens of mistake theory is more useful in dealing with most of the political issues we engage with on a daily basis, that’s only the case because those issues are a) within our Overton window, so that they can be discussed, and b) considered important by either some powerful people, or many normal people, so that proposed solutions have a chance of being implemented.”

Liability Insurance by Paul Christiano – Owners of dangerous technology like guns should have to put up a large amount of capital with which to compensate victims. The amount of capital would be prohibitively high so most buyers would need insurance.


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