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More Testimonials For SSC by Scott Alexander – A list of humorous quotes insulting Scott, SSC or rationalists.


Wrong Models Are Good by Brian Lui – “A common belief is that we should only use correct mental models, but the reality is that some wrong models are worth keeping around.”

The Principled Intelligence Hypothesis by Katja Grace – A question implied by Hanson’s last book: “But if intelligence evolved for the prime purpose of evading rules, shouldn’t the smartest people be best at navigating rule evasion? Or at least reliably non-terrible at it?” Katja’s Answer: “I posit that technical intelligence comes from the drive to make these generalizations, not the drive to thwart them.”

Spamming Micro Intentions To Generate Willpower by moridinamael (LW 2.0) – Getting yourself out of a rut or motivating yourself to do a small task: “Intentions become clear and strong, not through force or the intensity of delivery of the intention, but rather, through a very light, gentle touch that is consistently, repeatedly reinforced.”

Politics and Economics:

Small Change Good Big Change Bad by Robin Hanson – “The standard debate about change: some see small changes and either like them or aren’t bothered enough to advocate what it would take to reverse them, while others imagine such trends continuing long enough to result in very large and disturbing changes, and then suggest stronger responses.”

In Which There Are Ghosts by sam[]zdat – Some thoughts on what makes art good, how artistic quality is perceived today and jump scares in horror movies. “Where value=good/bad distinctions (roughly), a whole bunch of those got thrown out the window. There were many reasons for this, most of them material, that’s going to take the rest of this blog’s life to try and get at. The upshot of this is that the only things that can pierce our thick hides anymore are political values, as in: good and evil don’t work, they don’t frighten us the same way, something else has to fill in for them, so you no longer reductio to absurdism and Satan but to Hitler and Stalin.”


Samantha Pk: Nuclear Security by 80,000 Hours – Some Topics: “In the case of nuclear war, what fraction of the world’s population would die? What is the biggest nuclear threat? How concerned should we be about North Korea? How often has the world experienced nuclear near misses? How might a conflict between India and Pakistan escalate to the nuclear level? How quickly must a president make a decision in the result of a suspected first strike? Are global sources of nuclear material safely secured? What role does cyber security have in preventing nuclear disasters? How can we improve relations between nuclear armed states? What do you think about the campaign for complete nuclear disarmament? If you could tell the US government to do three things, what are the key priorities today? Is it practical to get members of congress to pay attention to nuclear risks? Could modernisation of nuclear weapons actually make the world safer?”

Author: deluks917

"Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me" I am trying to help animals and increase the odds of a good future. Stereotypical nerdy transgirl. Right now interested in crypto.

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