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Reply to Scott on Cryptocurrencies by Eliezer Yudkowsky – “There’s no such thing as advising your past self to only be Pascal’s Muggable for Bitcoin, to grant enough faith to just that one opportunity for 5,000x gains, and not pay equal amounts of money into any of the other supposed opportunities for 5,000x gains that you encountered. I don’t see a simple, generally valid cognitive strategy that I could have executed to buy Bitcoin and hold it, without making a lot of other mistakes.”

How I See Knowledge Aggregation by zulupineapple (LW 2.0) – Ideas for making a better rationalist aggregation site. The author created a working prototype and put it online!


Factorio Accelerando Empathizing With Empires And Moderate by Raymond Arnold (LW 2.0) – Even if AI takeoff takes decades the agents who don’t recursively self improve will eventually get outcompeted. Eventually the advanced agents will shrug and take their resources. Analogies to Factorio and Accelerando.

Politics and Economics:

Links by Artir – Link Post: Political Science, Economics, Cognition, Philosophy

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