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Ssc Survey Data On Models Of Political Conflict by Scott Alexander – Several SSC survey question related to whether respondents thought moral or intellectual failure explained why people are wrong about politics. How attitudes differ according to political affiliation: Marxists most likely to say moral failure, libertarians least likely. Factor analysis and some correlations.


Shell Shield Staff by Squirrel In Hell – “There is a certain high-level pattern of progress seen in almost every human activity, which I like to call “growth triplets”. A growth triplet follows an archetypal sequence of three stages: naive, clever, and wise, with the exact meanings of these terms varying depending on the situation. The defining feature of the pattern is that the third stage has some unexpected similarities to the first one. Because of this, most people have to actually go through the second stage before they can appreciate the third.”

On Not Getting Swept Away By Mental Content by Kaj Sotala – How to not get distracted during meditation. Using this technique outside to avoid getting distracted by distressing thoughts in general.

The Dogma Of Evidence Based Medicine by ChristianKl (LW 2.0) – Is the concept of ‘evidence based medicine’ actually based on evidence.

Politics and Economics:

Platonism Without Plato by sam[]zdat – A long meditation on Platonism and how it gained historical influence.


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Software Engineer in New York City. Admin of the SlateStarcodex discord. Math PHD drop out.

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