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Practically A Book Review Luna Whitepaper by Scott Alexander – Luna is a blockchin dating startup. Crypto transactions are used to incentive behavior (in particular getting women to read messages). Machine Learning will be used to creae an effective match algorithm. Scott discusses the incentives and how things might work in pratice.


Announcement Ai Alignment Prize Winners And Next Round by cousin_it (LW 2.0) – The six winning essays in the AI allignment writing contest. The top prize was given to an essay on Goodhart Taxonomies. “Detailing the possible failures that can arise when optimizing for a proxy instead of the actual goal. Goodhart’s Law is simple to understand, impossible to forget once learned, and applies equally to AI alignment and everyday life. While Goodhart’s Law is widely known, breaking it down in this new way seems very valuable.”

This Review Is Not About Reviewing The Elephant In The Brain by Artir – Very, very in depth review of Robin Hanson’s book on hidden motives. Discussion of the core thesis: What exactly is the elephant in the brain? Topcis: Singnalling Model of Education, Medicine (The key facts to explain and which treatments empirically work), Charity (how people actually donate, the drowning child), Diverse thoughts on the underlying thoery and ‘confused concepts’.

An Apology Is A Surrender by Zachary Jacobi (LW 2.0) – If you apologize you should surrender. If you keep fighting its not a real apology. Fake apologies are common. Many commenters point out this implies you often should not surrender to the people demanding an apology. Hence its often rational to ‘fake apologize’.

The Motte And Bailey Fallacy Isnt Really A Fallacy by Grey Enlightenment – Most real arguments are more subtle than Motte and Baily. Persuasive argument requires equivocation.

Read The Case Against Education by Robin Hanson – Caplan’s New Book is out. Hanson likes it enough he based an entire chapter of his new book on it. “Caplan offers plausible evidence that school functions to let students show employers that they are smart, conscientious, and conformist. And surely this is in fact a big part of what is going on.”

Singularity Mindset by alkjash (LW 2.0) – “In a Singularity Mindset, people believe they are self-modifying intelligences well past the singularity threshold, that their basic qualities can be multiplied by large constants by installing the right algorithms and bug fixes, and that even the best optimized people are nowhere near hardware limitations. People who apply Singularity Mindset come to life with startling rapidity.”


Will Macaskill: Moral Philosophy by 80,000 Hours – Making decisions under moral uncertainty. Will Macaskill goes into detail about the difficuties of integrating diverse points of view on morality. For example how do you integrate utilitarianism, which can quantify how bad an action is, with rights based deontology (which claims some things are absolutely forbidden). Other topics include looking at the track record of moral systems (utilitarianism looks great) and the incentives of working on problems inside acadamia.

Conversation: Ross Douthat by Marginal Revolution – “Douthat’s views on religion and theology, but then moves on to more earth-bound concerns, such as his stance on cats, The Wire vs The Sopranos, why Watership Down is the best modern novel for understanding politics, eating tofu before it was cool, journalism as a trade, why he’s open to weird ideas, the importance of Sam’s Club Republicans, the specter of a Buterlian Jihad, and more.”

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"Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me" I am trying to help animals and increase the odds of a good future. Stereotypical nerdy transgirl. Right now interested in crypto.

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