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Ot90 Telescopen Thread by Scott Alexander – Standard open thread. Comments about airline economics. Solstice.


Book Review: The Upside Of Your Dark Side by Kaj Sotala – Psychological states are instrumental, don’t think of them as good or bad. Split positive/negative emotions 80/20. “While I liked the book’s message and agreed with many of its points, I felt like it was mostly trying to tell a story that sounds plausible to a layman, rather than making a particularly rigorous argument. The authors tend to base their claims on isolated studies with no mention of their replication status”

Politics and Economics:

Links And Thanks by sam[]zdat – Sam’s 12 favorite articles of the year, each has a short review. Other recommended articles. A note on the state of the blog.

Optimism Or Stagnation A Case For Both by Grey Enlightenment – “Both sides are correct. Tyler is right about complacency (although there has always been a complacent class), and James is right about how such complacency either is not a big deal and or that America is still innovative. I agree with James’ optimism but also agree with Tyler in regard to how there is complacency and possible stagnation in some areas, but the empirical evidence supports such optimism (but as caveat, I’m optimistic about Americans in the top 10% of wealth and IQ, and also optimistic about America remaining an economic, technological, and militaristic superpower, but for everyone else, things are not as good, as I will explain later).”


Childcare Update by Jeff Kaufman – Details on Jeff’s childcare arrangements for the first 8 months of his daughter’s life.


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