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X Is Not About Y Is Not About Psychology by abramdemski (LW 2.0) – In most domains we need to create proxies for progress. If you optimize too strongly to maximize a proxy measure the measure often stops being useful (Goodhart’s Law). In Machine Learning regularization is used to prevent issues of ‘overfitting’. Can we generalize regularization to a general anti-Goodhart technique.

Mushrooms by moridinamael (LW 2.0) – The question of whether to eat more mushrooms illustrates the epistemic hostility of modern life.


An update on fraud management in Uganda by GiveDirectly – “In this particular case, we conservatively size the fraud at less than 0.5% of funds transferred, but also gained some valuable insights.”

Politics and Economics:

Links 13 by Artir – Links: Economics, Philosophy, Computer Science, Psychology.

Privacy Is Real Privacy Matters by Sailor Vulcan – Reasons why privacy is not totally dead. Don’t share personal details.

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A singer is someone who tries to be good. Currently living in North Oakland.

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