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Postmodernism For Rationalists My Attempt by Scott Alexander – Scott’s now retracted explanation of postmodernism: “Thinking about agendas is at least as important as thinking about facts.”


The Craft And The Community A Post Mortem And Resurrection by bendini (LW 2.0) – “It has been nearly a decade since the Craft and the Community was published. Eliezer outlined a plan, hoping that someone would take the reins while he was working on AI alignment. We were told to go forth and create the art yet art creation has been overlooked, like a homeless man we try to avoid eye contact with.”

In Defense Of Common Sense Tribalism by toonalfrink (LW 2.0) – “The rationalist bucket error is that tribalism is wrong because it implies {ingroup bias, status-quo bias, bandwagon effect, anchoring, …}, which implies less happiness and productivity. Supposedly, the apparent irrationality of those things makes them unforgivable, therefore we shouldn’t even bother with tribalism.”


Against Neglectedness by Arepo (EA forum) – 80K’s framework. Scale. ‘Solvability’ and Neglectedness. Clustered Values and Diminishing Returns. Fungibility. The consequences of devaluing neglectedness.

Multiversewide Cooperation In A Nutshell by Lukas Gloor (EA forum) – “Multiverse-wide cooperation via superrationality (abbreviation: MSR) is the idea that, if I think about different value systems and their respective priorities in the world, I should not work on the highest priority according to my own values, but on whatever my comparative advantage is amongst all the interventions favored by the value systems of agents interested in multiverse-wide cooperation.”

Politics and Economics:

Psycho Conservatism What It Is When To Doubt It by Sarah Constantin – The distinctive psychological and social concerns of psychological conservatism. Three major weaknesses.

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