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Leaders Of Men by Zvi Moshowitz – “If a system has unique big advantages, they’re not effectively competing on less big things. They might be optimizing small things, but they don’t have to, so you can’t assume such things are optimized at all. Even when a system does not have unique advantages, anything insufficiently central is likely not optimized because it’s not worthy of attention. It is much, much easier to pick out a way in which a system is sub-optimal, than it is to implement or run that system at anything like its current level of optimization.”

In Defense Of Epistemic Modesty by Thrasymachus (LW 2.0) – “In virtually all cases, the credence you hold for any given belief should be dominated by the balance of credences held by your epistemic peers and superiors. One’s own convictions should weigh no more heavily in the balance than that of one other epistemic peer.”

The Copernican Revolution From The Inside by jacobjacob (LW 2.0) – “Copernicus system was not immediately superior. It was rejected by many people who were not puppets of the Church. And among those who did accept it, better fit to the data was not a main reason. What did in fact happen will become clear in a moment. But in reading that, I’d like to prompt you to consider the events from a very particular vantage point: namely what they would be like from the inside”


Rs 196 Eric Schwitzgebel On Weird Ideas And Opaque Minds by Rationally Speaking – “Philosopher Eric Schwitzgebel returns to the show to explore several related questions: His taxonomy of the three different styles of thinker — “Truth,” “Dare,” and “Wonder” — and whether one of them is better than the others. His case for why it’s bad to interpret people “charitably.” And his seemingly paradoxical claim that we are frequently wrong about our own conscious experience.”

Michael Munger 4 by EconTalk – “Munger argues that the ability to innovate without permission is the most important concept of political economy. Munger defends this claim and explores the metaphor of emergent order as a dance, a metaphor coming from the German poet Schiller.”

Conflict in Congress by The Ezra Klein Show – “Here’s a counterintuitive thought: maybe Congress in particular, and politics in general, has too little conflict, not too much.”

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