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Nyc Solstice And East Coast Mega-Meetup Interested In by Clarkey (LW 2.0) – Announcement post for the NYC Solstice (Dec 10th) and the East Coast mega meetup/sleepover (Dec 8th – 10th).

Dating Accordions Vs Sitars by AellaGirl – Some people are easy to date and relationships with them require little energy. Some people are ‘high cost’. Even though it is hard to say this explicitly many people want and need a high cost partner. Before you get into a relationship you should think about what kind of partner is truly best for you.

Thinking Toys by Gary Basin (LW 2.0) – 10 Thinking techniques along with short descriptions. “I call these strategies Thinking Toys. Little tricks we can pick up, play with for a moment, and then throw aside as we move on.”


Alphago Zero And The Foom Debate by Yudkowsky (LW 2.0) – Alpha Go Zero was trained exclusively with self play. It did not have access to any previous go matches, human heuristic or hand crafted features. This shows that general architecture is very important; in particular more important than cultural transmission of knowledge.

Ldl 2 Nonconvex Optimization by magfrump (LW 2.0) – Deep learning involves optimization in very high dimensional spaces. In high dimensional space getting stuck in a local optima is very unlikely. An illustrative analogy involving slices of Pizza and Gauss-Bonet.

Politics and Economics:

Recent Updates To Gwern.net by gwern (lesswrong) – Links to updated Gwern blog pages. Statistic, Biology, AI, Genetics, Misc.

Globalization Paradox by Ben Kuhn – Good reasons to oppose globalization: Huge wealth transfer from producers to importers, Unemployment concerns, tariffs can improve growth rates. Economics tend to ignore these restrictions and emphasize you can make free trade Pareto efficient by redistributing between countries. But such redistribution is hard to size correctly and unlikely to ever happen. Freak out about technological unemployment.

For Stability Rents by Robin Hanson – In many cases people can extract value by pretending to value their property more than they do. Ex: buying internet urls to sell later. A scheme to encourage efficient use of property. Tax property on owner assessed value, but the owner must sell to anyone who offers to buy at this value.

HBD Investing Part 2 by Grey Enlightenment – “How wealth is concentrated, in that high-IQ entities concentrate wealth at a higher density than less intelligent ones. When inventing, you want as much wealth as possible concentrated in your particular investment.” Chart of income as a function of national iq. High-IQ sectors maintained high returns over time, lower IQ sectors such as the steal industry did not. Which companies would be very hard to replace if they disappeared.


Halloween Costume Paper Clipper by Elo – Dressing up as Clippy for Halloween.

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"Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me" I am trying to help animals and increase the odds of a good future. Stereotypical nerdy transgirl. Right now interested in crypto.

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