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Ssc Survey Results On Trust by Scott Alexander – Scott looks at the SSC survey to find what correlates with trust. A main result is that conservatives are less trusting. Gender/Race mostly don’t correlate.


Buckets And Bayes by Conor Moreton (LW 2.0) – Classes on combos of two techniques were especially successful at CFAR. “Problematic integration of evidence. There is data coming in that, if it were allowed to land according to normal operating procedures, would force some kind of drastic and possibly destructive outcome.” If you don’t have a way to handle the data in a healthy way stonewalling it can actually be adaptive.

The Fairness Of Baskets by Tom Bartleby – In fables people’s baskets of problems are roughly equally heavy, is this so in real life? Fairness vs equality and procedural fairness. Genetic lotteries. In the end only happiness matters?

The Self And Disembodied Predictive Processing by Entirely Useless – The bunker model of cognition. Knowledge of self is not primary, but reflective. Helen Keller and language as a technology of thought.


Have Ea Priorities Changed Over Time by Tee (EA forum) – EAs are becoming more favorable to AI risk. EAs are less likely to rate poverty as a top or near-top cause. EAs are not becoming less favorable to animal welfare.

Author: deluks917

Software Engineer in New York City. Admin of the SlateStarcodex discord. Math PHD drop out.

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