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Predictive Processing by Entirely Useless – Responses to quotes from Surfing Uncertainty and Scott’s review. A large focus is the “darkened room” problem.

Also Against Individual IQ Worries by Scott Aaronson – IQ tests tend to ask unclear questions and require you to reverse engineer what the test maker meant. Scott’s own IQ was once measured at 106.

Dojo Bad Day Contingency Plan by Elo – Eleizer’s discussion of why rationality theory isn’t enough, you need to practice. An exercise about improving your mental on bad days.


An Outside View Of Ai Control by Robin Hanson – Non-singularity scenarios where software performs almost all jobs. Software usually reflects the social organization of those who made it. Entrench designs and systems. Don’t work on the control problem until its time. Human control and AI control. Most AI failures in this scenario will cause limited damage and can be handled after they occur.

Politics and Economics:

The OpenPhil Report On Incarceration by The Unit of Caring – “Our prison system isn’t just not-rehabilitative; it is anti-rehabilitative. It traumatizes and retraumatizes people and severs their connections to people and opportunities within the law and abuses them and breaks social trust and produces crime which is then used to justify longer prison sentences which produce more crime.”

Comment on Oppressed Groups and Slack by Benquo – People who are oppressed often lack the slack to maintain their morals. Seven Samurai. This has the troubling implication that while we should listen to the oppressed the relatively privileged should maintain leadership. However it also implies that oppressed group’s behavior will improve after enough time without a boot on their neck.

Why White Identity Doesn’t Work by Grey Enlightenment – Who counts as white. Race is secondary to ancestry and culture. No unifying cause or struggle. Whites may be biologically individualist. Too much infighting.


Robert Wright by EconTalk – “The psychotherapeutic insights of Buddhism and the benefits of meditation and mindfulness. Wright argues our evolutionary past has endowed us with a mind that can be ill-suited to the stress of the present. He argues that meditation and the non-religious aspects of Buddhism can reduce suffering and are consistent with recent psychological research.”

Rs 194 Robert Wright On Why Buddhism Is True by Rationally Speaking – “Why Buddhism was right about human nature: its diagnosis that the our suffering is mainly due to a failure to see reality clearly, and its prescription that meditation can help us see more clearly. Robert and Julia discuss whether it’s suspicious that a religion turned out to be “right” about human nature, what it means for emotions to be true or false, and whether there are downsides to enlightenment.”

Creating Trump by The Ezra Klein Show – “How the Republican Party created Trump, how Trump won, and what comes next. As Dionne says in this interview, the American system was “not supposed to produce a president like this,” and so a lot of our conversation is about how the guardrails failed and whether they can be rebuilt.”

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"Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me" I am trying to help animals and increase the odds of a good future. Stereotypical nerdy transgirl. Right now interested in crypto.

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