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Against Individual Iq Worries by Scott Alexander – “IQ is very useful and powerful for research purposes. It’s not nearly as interesting for you personally.” IQ measurement problems. Even accurately measured IQ isn’t that predictive.


Debunking Iq Denial Ism by Grey Enlightenment – Criticisms of Scott’s article on individual iq. People can change their socioeconomic status not their iq, IQ is more predicative than socioeconomic status, Feynman, Job titles are non-specific, low-iq ‘computer’ professions might be doing data entry. EQ isn’t intrinsic and doesn’t compete with IQ.

Slack by Zvi Moshowitz – You need slack in your life. Slack lets you explore and invest. If you don’t have slack you can’t relax or uphold your morals. Fight hard to maintain your slack and don’t let people or things take it away. Maya Millennial’s lack of slack.

Dealism Futarchy And Hypocrisy by Robin Hanson – Policy conversations don’t have to be about morality or terminal values. We can instead use tools like economics as a way to help people get whatever it is they want. We can push closer to the Pareto optimal frontier.


Nonlinear Computation In Linear Networks by Open Ai – Floating point arithmatic is fundamentally non-linear near the limit of machine precision. OpenAI managed to exploit these non-linear effects with an evolutionary algorithm to achieve much better performance than a normal deep normal network on MNIST.


Guardedness In Ea by Jeff Kaufman – As people and organizations gain prestige their communication becomes less open and more careful. Jeff has seen this happen in the EA community and dislikes the effects. However Jeff doesn’t see a great alternative.

Interim Update On Givewells Money Moved And Web Traffic In 2016 by The GiveWell Blog – Summary of influence, total money moved, money moved by charity.

What Happens To Cows In The Us by Eukaryote – “There are 92,000,000 cattle in the USA. Where do they come from, what are they used for, and what are their ultimate fates?”

Politics and Economics:

What Is Going On With The Alt Right by Grey Enlightenment – Reasons the alt-right is falling apart: Trump back-peddling or softening on campaign promises, The civil war between the-lite, alt-medium, and alt-right, Slow news cycle and brevity of ideas, Botched rallies and poor branding, The alt-right losing its official Reddit sub, the right is more intellectually diverse than the left.

Seasteading 2 by Bayesian Investor – “The book’s style is too much like a newspaper. Rather than focus on the main advantages of seasteading, it focuses on the concerns of the average person, and on how seasteading might affect them. It quotes interesting people extensively, while being vague about whether the authors are just reporting that those people have ideas, or whether the authors have checked that the ideas are correct. Many of the ideas seem rather fishy.”

On The Fetishization Of Money In Galts Gulch by Ben Hoffman – Danny Taggart and Galt feel they can’t ethically become lovers until they rectify a power imbalance. Danny solves this problem by becoming Galt’s house-maker and cook. Most people’s intuition is that employment creates a power imbalance, it doesn’t solve one. What is going on?


The Fate Of Liberalism by Waking Up with Sam Harris – “Mark Lilla about the fate of political liberalism in the United States, the emergence of a new identity politics, the role of class in American society”

Burning Man by The Bayesian Conspiracy – How much does burning man live up to its principles, changes over time, finding out you aren’t gay in your twenties, marriage. Burning Man advice: Go with a camp you like, don’t have plans just wander around and get involved in whats interesting.

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"Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me" I am trying to help animals and increase the odds of a good future. Stereotypical nerdy transgirl. Right now interested in crypto.

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