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City Travel Scaling by Robin Hanson – Review of Geoffrey West’s ‘Scale’. Most visits to a location are from infrequent visitors who live nearby. Fractal piping systems have an overhead that only grows logarithmically with the size of the city. Evolution never found such efficient heating/cooling systems.

Cognitive Empathy And Emotional Labor by Gordon (Map and Territory) – Affective empathy contrasted with Cognitive empathy. Cognitive empathy enables real emotional labor.

Sabbath Hard And Go Home by Ben Hoffman – The Sabbth as easymode leisure. Unplugging while camping or on a meditation retreat feels natural. What is leisure? If you are unable to keep a Sabbath things are not ok, there isn’t enough slack in the system.

Common Sense Eats Common Talk by Stefano Zorzi (ribbonfarm) – Missing the housing bubble. Falling for conformity. Seeing through invisible clothes. Advice: Test macro assumptions, beware of jargon, assume propositions that contradict common sense are wrong. Common talk and common sense and their failings.


Trial Postponed by GiveDirectly – Give directly Kenya trial postponed due to political events.


September 2017 Newsletter by The MIRI Blog – New MIRI paper on Incorrigibility and shitting off AI. Best posts from the intelligent agents forum. Links to videos and podcasts. MIRI personel updates and career opportunities in aI safety.

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A singer is someone who tries to be good. Currently living in North Oakland.

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