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Out To Get You by Zvi Moshowitz – “Some things are fundamentally Out to Get You. They seek resources at your expense. Fees are hidden. Extra options are foisted upon you.” You have four responses: Get Gone, Get Out (give up), Get Compact (limit what it wants) or Get Ready for Battle.

Nobody Does The Thing That They Are Supposedly Doing by Kaj Sotala – “In general, neither organizations nor individual people do the thing that their supposed role says they should do.” Evolutionary incentives. Psychology of motivation. Very large number of links.

Politics and Economics:

Peak Fossil Fuel by Bayesian Investor – Electric cars will have a 99% market share by 2035. “Electric robocars run by Uber-like companies will be cheap enough that you’ll have trouble giving away a car bought today. Uber’s prices will be less than your obsolete car’s costs of fuel, maintenance, and insurance.”

Author: deluks917

A singer is someone who tries to be good. Currently living in North Oakland.

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