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Demographics Ii by tee (EA forum) – Racial breakdown. Percent white in various geographic locations. Political spectrum. Politics correlated with cause area, diet and geography, employment, fields of study, year joining EA.


Srisk Faq by Tobias Baumann (EA forum) – Quite detailed responses to questions about suffering risks and their connection to AGI. sections: General questions, The future, S-risks and x-risks, Miscellaneous.

Focus Areas Of Worst Case Ai Safety by The Foundational Research Institute – Redundant safety measures. Tripwires. Adversarial architectures. Detecting and formalizing suffering. Backup utility functions. Benign testing environments.

Politic and Economics:

The Wonder Of International Adoption by Bryan Caplan – Benefits of international adoption of third world children. Adoptees are extremely stunted physically on arrival but make up some of the difference post adoption. International adoptions raises IQ by at least 4 points on average and perhaps as much as 8.


Prime Crossword by protokol2020 – Can you create a grid larger than [3,7],[1,1] where all the rows and columns are primes? (37, 11, 31 and 71 are prime).


Could A Neuroscientist Understand A Mic by Rationally Speaking – “Eric Jonas, discussing his provocative paper titled ‘Could a Neuroscientist Understand a Microprocessor?’ in which he applied state-of-the-art neuroscience tools, like lesion analysis, to a computer chip. By applying neuroscience’s tools to a system that humans fully understand he was able to reveal how surprisingly uninformative those tools actually are.”

Gabriel Zucman by EconTalk – “Research on inequality and the distribution of income in the United States over the last 35 years. Zucman finds that there has been no change in income for the bottom half of the income distribution over this time period with large gains going to the top 1%. The conversation explores the robustness of this result to various assumptions and possible explanations for the findings.”

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"Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me" I am trying to help animals and increase the odds of a good future. Stereotypical nerdy transgirl. Right now interested in crypto.

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