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Postmortem: Mindlevelup The Book by mindlevelup – Estimates vs reality. Finishing both on-target and on-time. Finished product vs expectations. Took more time to write than expected. Going Against The Incentive Gradient. Impact evaluation. What Even is Rationality? Final Lessons.

Against Facebook The Stalking by Zvi Moshowitz – Zvi removes Facebook from his phone. Facebook proceeds to start emailing him and eventually starts texting him.

Fish Oil And The Self Critical Brain Loop by Elo – Taking fish oil stopped ELO from getting distracted by a critical feedback loop.


Welfare Differences Between Cage And Cage Free Housing by Open Philosophy – OpenPhil funded several campaigns to promote cage free eggs. They now believe they were overconfident in their claims that a cage free system would be substantially better. Hen welfare, hen mortality, transition costs and other issues are discussed.

Politics and Economics:

There Is A Hot Hand After All by Marginal Revolution – Paper link and blurb. “We test for a “hot hand” (i.e., short-term predictability in performance) in Major League Baseball using panel data. We find strong evidence for its existence in all 10 statistical categories we consider. The magnitudes are significant; being “hot” corresponds to between one-half and one standard deviation in the distribution of player abilities.”

Great Wage Stagnation is Over by Marginal Revolution – Median household incomes rose by 5.2 percent. Gains were concentrated in lower income households. Especially large gains for hispanics, women living alone and immigrants. Some of these increases are the largest in decades.


Why Numbering Should Start At One by Artir – the author responds to many well known arguments in favor of 0-indexing.

Tim Schafer Videogame Roundup by Aceso Under Glass – Review and discussion of Psychonauts and Massive Chalice. Light discussion of other Schafer games.

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A singer is someone who tries to be good. Currently living in North Oakland.

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