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Classified Thread 3 Semper Classifiedelis by Scott Alexander – ” Post advertisements, personals, and any interesting success stories from the last thread”. Scott’s notes: Community member starting tutoring company, homeless community member gofundme, data science in North Carolina.


Lw 20 Open Beta Starts 920 by vanier (lesswrong) – The new site goes live on September 20th.

On Bottlenecks To Intellectual Progress In The by Habryka (lesswrong) – Why LessWrong 2.0 is a project worth pursuing. A summary of the existing discussion around LessWrong 2.0. The models used to design the new page. Open questions.

Dealism by Bayesian Investor – “Under dealism, morality consists of rules / agreements / deals, especially those that can be universalized. We become more civilized as we coordinate better to produce more cooperative deals.” Dealism is similar to contractualism with a larger set of agents and less dependence on initial conditions.

Nonfiction Ive Been Reading Lately by Particular Virtue – Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids. Eating Animals. Your Money Or Your Life. The Commitment.

Prepare For Nuclear Winter by Robin Hanson – Between nuclear war and natural disaster Robin estimates there is about a 1 in 10K chance per year that most sunlight is blocked for 5-10 years. This aggregates to about 1% per century. We have the technology to survive this as a species. But how do we preserve social order?


Learning To Model Other Minds by Open Ai – “We’re releasing an algorithm which accounts for the fact that other agents are learning too, and discovers self-interested yet collaborative strategies like tit-for-tat in the iterated prisoner’s dilemma.”

Understanding Policy Gradients by Squirrel In Hell – Three perspectives on mathematical thinking: engineering/practical, symbolic/formal and deep understanding/above. Application of the theory to understanding policy gradients and reinforcement learning.

Politics and Economics:

Public Shaming Isnt As Bad As It Seems by Tom Bartleby – Online mobs are like shark attacks. Damore’s economic prospects. Either targets are controversial and get support or uncontroversial and the outrage quickly abates. Justine Sacco. Success of public shaming is orthogonal to truth.


Is It Time For A New Scientific Revolution Julia Galef On How To Make Humans Smarter by 80,000 Hours – How people can have productive intellectual disagreements. Urban Design. Are people more rational than 200 years ago? Effective Altruism. Twitter. Should more people write books, run podcasts, or become public intellectuals? Saying you don’t believe X won’t convince people. Quitting an econ phd. Incentives in the intelligence community. Big institutions. Careers in rationality.

The Impossible War by Waking Up with Sam Harris – ” Ken Burns and Lynn Novick about their latest film, The Vietnam War.”

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Software Engineer in New York City. Admin of the SlateStarcodex discord. Math PHD drop out.

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