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How Do We Get Breasts Out Of Bayes Theorem by Scott Alexander – “But evolutionary psychologists make claims like ‘Men have been evolutionarily programmed to like women with big breasts, because those are a sign of fertility.’ Forget for a second whether this is politically correct, or cross-culturally replicable, or anything like that. From a neurological point of view, how could this possibly work?”


Introducing Mindlevelup The Book by mindlevelup – MLU compiled and edited their work from 2017 into a 30K word, 150 page book. Most of the material appeared on the blog but some of it is new and the pre-existing posts have been edited for clarity.

To Save The World Make Sure To Go Beyond Academia by Kaj Sotala – Academic research often fails to achieve real change. Lots of economic research concerns the optimal size of a carbon tax but we currently lack any carbon tax. Academic research on x-risk from nuclear winter doesn’t change the motivations of politicians very much.

The World As If by Sarah Perry (ribbonfarm) – “This is an account of how magical thinking made us modern.” Magical thinking as a confusing of subjective and objective. Useful fictions. Hypothetical thinking. Pre-modern concrete thinking and categorization schemes relative to modern abstract ones. As if thinking. Logic and magic.

Politics and Economics:

Object, Subjects and Gender by The Baliocene Apocrypha – “Under modern post-industrial bureaucratized high-tech capitalism, it is less rewarding than ever before to be a subject. Under modern post-industrial bureaucratized high-tech capitalism, it is more rewarding than ever before to be an object. This alone accounts for a lot of the widespread weird stuff going on with gender these days.”


Author: deluks917

Software Engineer in New York City. Admin of the SlateStarcodex discord. Math PHD drop out.

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