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Contra Askell On Moral Offsets by Scott Alexander – Axiology is the study of what’s good. Morality is the study of what the right thing to do is. You can offset axiological effects but you can’t offset moral transgressions.

Slippery Slopen Thread by Scott Alexander – Public open thread. The slippery slope to rationalist catgirl. Selected top comments. Update on Trump and crying wolf.


Premium Mediocre by Jacob Falkovich – Being 30% wrong is better than being 5% wrong. Consumption: Signaling vs genuine enjoyment. Dating other PM people. Venkat is wrong about impressing parents. He is more wrong, or joking, about cryptocurrencies. Fear of missing out.

Entrenchment Happens by Robin Hanson – Many systems degrade, collapse and our replaced. However other systems, even somewhat arbitrary ones, are very stable over time. Many current systems in programming, language and law are likely to remain in the future.

Dangers At Dilettante Point by Everything Studies – Its relatively easy to know a little about alot of topics. But its dangerous to find yourself playing the social role of the knowledgeable person too often. The percentage fo people with a given level of knowledge goes to zero quickly.


Six Tips Disaster Relief Giving by The GiveWell Blog – Practical advice for effective disaster relief charity. Give Cash, give to proven effective charities and allow charities significant freedom in how they use your donation.


Nothing Wrong With Ai Weapons by kbog (EA forum) – Death by AI is no more intrinsically bad than death by conventional weapons. Some consequenitoualist issues the author addresses: Civilian deaths, AI arms race, vulnerability to hacking.

Politics and Economics:

The Uruk Machine by sam[]zdat – Sam’s fundamental framework: Seeing like a State, The Great Transformation, The True Believer, The Culture of Narcissism.

The Thresher by sam[]zdat – “Still, if what makes ‘modernity’ modernity is partially in technology, then the Uruk Machine will be updated and whirring at unfathomable speeds, the thresher to Gilgamesh’s sacred club.”

Four Decades of the Middle East by Bryan Caplan – “Almost all of the Middle East’s disasters over the past four decades can be credibly traced back to a single highly specific major event: the Iranian Revolution. Let me chronicle the tragic trail of dominoes.”


The Life Of A Quant Trader by 80,000 Hours – What do quant traders do. Compensation. Is quant trading harmful? Who is a good fit and how to break into quant trading. Work environment and motivation. Variety of available positions.

Benedict Evans by EconTalk – “Two important trends for the future of personal travel–the increasing number of electric cars and a world of autonomous vehicles. Evans talks about how these two trends are likely to continue and the implications for the economy, urban design, and how we live.”

Author: deluks917

"Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me" I am trying to help animals and increase the odds of a good future. Stereotypical nerdy transgirl. Right now interested in crypto.

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