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Play In Easy Mode by Zvi Moshowitz – Eleven examples of ‘selling out’ and taking the path of least resistance. Interestingly in several examples taking the easy path is quite defensible.

Play In Hard Mode by Zvi Moshowitz – “Hard mode is harder. The reason to Play in Hard Mode is because it is the only known way to become stronger, and to defend against Goodhart’s Law.” Zvi revists the eleven examples from ‘easy mode’ and shows how to approach them from a hard mode perspective.

Theres Always Subtext by Robin Hanson – Mostly a quote about subtext in film.

Paranoia Testing by Elo – Experiments to test if you have paranoia. Costs. Notes and some graphs.

My Tedtedx Talks by Robin Hanson – Ted talks by Robin about his books “The Age of Em” and “The Elephant in the Brain”. Talks are short ~12 minutes.

Internal Dialogue About End Of World by Sailor Vulcan – Short Story. Keep living, maybe we will win the lottery.


Things I Have Gotten Wrong by Aceso Under Glass – Mistaken evaluations: Animal Charity Evaluators, Raising for Effective Giving, Charity Science, Tostan.

Politics and Economics:

Marching Markups by Robin Hanson – “Holding real productivity constant, if firms move up their demand curves to sell less at a higher prices, then total output, and measured GDP, get smaller. Their numerical estimates suggest that, correcting for this effect, there has been no decline in US productivity growth since 1965. That’s a pretty big deal.”

The Muted Signal Hypothesis Of Online Outrage by Kaj Sotala – “People want to feel respected, loved, appreciated, etc. When we interact physically, you can easily experience subtle forms of these feelings… Online, most of these messages are gone: a thousand people might read your message, but if nobody reacts to it, then you don’t get any signal indicating that you were seen… . So if you want to consistently feel anything, you may need to ramp up the intensity of the signals.”

Many Topics by Scott Aaronson – Misc Topics: HTTPS / Kurtz / eclipse / Charlottesville / Blum / P vs. NP

The Courage To Stand Up And Do The Wrong Thing by Tom Bartleby – According to Supreme Court Justice Black, applying Brown vs Board of Education to DC schools was an unprincipled but correct decision. Have principles. Don’t follow them over a cliff. Acknowledge deviations. Charlottesville. Cloduflare suspends service to the daily stormer.

The Market Power Story by Noah Smith – Many issues in the American economy are blamed on the increasing market power of a small number of firms. Analysis: Monopolistic competition. Profits. Market Concentration. Output restriction. Three updates. Lots of citations and references to papers.

Unpopular Ideas About Political And Economic Systems by Julia Galef – Twenty-three ideas, many with references explaining the ideas. As an example “Many people have a moral duty not to vote”.

Unpopular Ideas About Social Norms by Julia Galef – Twenty-four ideas, many with references explaining the ideas. As an example: “Overall it would be a good thing to have a totally transparent society with no privacy”

Diversity And Team Performance What The Research Says by Eukaryote – Opens with several links about diversity and inclusion in EA. The pros and cons of different types of diversity in terms of group cohesion and information processing. Practical ways to minimize the costs of diversity and magnify the benefits. Lots of references.


Can Atheists be Jewish by Brute Reason – Reasons MIRI can be an atheist Jew: Judaism is a religion, but being Jewish isn’t necessarily. Belief in god isn’t particularly central in most Jewish communities and practices. Because I fucking said so.


We Are Not Worried Enough About The Next Pandemic by 80,000 Hours – “We spend the first 20 minutes covering his work as a foundation grant-maker, then discuss how bad the pandemic problem is, why it’s probably getting worse, and what can be done about it. In the second half of the interview we go through what you personally could study and where you could work to tackle one of the worst threats facing humanity.”

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"Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me" I am trying to help animals and increase the odds of a good future. Stereotypical nerdy transgirl. Right now interested in crypto.

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