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Partial Credit by Scott Alexander – Blotting out the Sun. Short story.


Emotional Labour by Elo – “I wanted to save you the effort of thinking about the thing and so I decided not to tell/ask you before it was resolved.” VS “I wanted to not have to withhold a thing from you so I told you as soon as it was bothering me so that I didn’t have to lie/cheat/withhold/deceive you even if I thought it was in your best interest”


We Have No Idea If There Are Cost Effective Interventions Into Wild Animal Suffering by Ozy – Many people are confident there are no effective ways to reduce wild animal suffering, Ozy disagrees. Ecosystems are complex but we aren’t completely uncertain. Wild Animal Suffering is a tiny field staffed by non-experts working part time.

Politics and Economics:

Greater Gender Parity Economics Suggests Reform Tenure Systems by Marginal Revolution – Biological clocks conflict with the tenure system timeline. Tyler recommends a much more flexible system with a variety of roles. The leaders in the economics profession have been ‘punching down’ at an infamous anonymous economics forum.


Seth Stephens Davidowitz On What The Internet Can Tell Us by Rational Speaking – “New research gives us into which parts of the USA are more racist, what kinds of strategies reduce racism, whether the internet is making political polarization worse, and the sexual fetishes and insecurities people will only admit to their search engine.”

Identity Terror by Waking Up with Sam Harris – “Douglas Murray. Identity politics, the rise of white nationalism, the events in Charlottesville, guilt by association, the sources of western values, the problem of finding meaning in a secular world.”


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