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Moral Reflective Equilibrium and the Absurdity Principle by SlateStarScratchpad – A long discussion about the nature of morality. The absurdity heuristic. Reflective equilibrium of moral values. The feedback loop between intuition and logic.


Why Ethnicity Ideology by Robin Hanson – “he more life decisions a feature influences, the more those who share this feature may plausibly share desired policies, policies that their coalition could advocate. So you might expect political coalitions to be mostly based on individual features that are very useful for predicting individual behavior. But you’d be wrong.”

Embracing Metamodernism by Gordon (Map and Territory) – “Metamodernism believes in reconstructing things that have been deconstructed with a view toward reestablishing hope and optimism in the midst of a period (the postmodern period) marked by irony, cynicism, and despair.”

Internet Explorers Not Exploiters by Nostalgebraist – Exploit vs explore tradeoffs. Attention spans. How long should you try a math probem before you give up? Exploring new options can be uncomfortable since it might lead nowhere. Addictive games and the internet. Academic research.

Bathtime by The Unit of Caring – Bath time play with a baby. Things are compelling when they have the right balance of surprise and predictability.

Decisions As Predictions by Entirely Useless – “Consider the hypothesis that both intention and choice consist basically in beliefs: intention would consist in the belief that one will in fact obtain a certain end, or at least that one will come as close to it as possible. Choice would consist in the belief that one will take, or that one is currently taking, a certain temporally immediate action for the sake of such an end.”

Self Fulfilling Prophecy by Entirely Useless – The author analyzes various edge cases about intention and choice. They discuss how to modify their theories and whether they are on the right track.


Let Them Decide by GiveDirectly – Eight media articles about Basic Income, Give Directly, Cash Transfer and Development Aid.

Politics and Economics:

Seattle Minimum Wage Study Part 3 Tell Me Why Im Wrong Please by Zvi Moshowitz – Most writers thought the Seattle minimum wage study showed that low wage workers were hurt. Zvi found a fundamental flaw in their analysis. If you correct for raising wages in Seattle then the study seems to show low wage workers weren’t hurt or perhaps benefitted.

The Anti Slip Slope by samuelthefifth (Status 451) – An analogy between workplace noise and workplace sexism. How efforts to stamp out ‘workplace noise’ can get out of control.


The Premium Mediocre Life Of Maya Millennial by venkat (ribbonfarm) – Venkat – “Yes, ribbonfarm is totally premium mediocre. We are a cut above the new media mediocrityfests that are Vox and Buzzfeed, and we eschew low-class memeing and listicles. But face it: actually enlightened elite blog readers read Tyler Cowen and Slatestarcodex.”

Author: deluks917

"Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me" I am trying to help animals and increase the odds of a good future. Stereotypical nerdy transgirl. Right now interested in crypto.

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